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What is Monkeynastix?

  • Internationally recognised as an ABSOLUTElY UNIQUE Movement Education Programme for children ages 1- 8 in three separate curriculums for ages 1-2, 3-6 and 7-8
  • A successful International Franchise concept with more than 75 branches in Bahrain, Botswana,Canada,Greece, India, Ireland, Kenya, Mauritius, Turkey, U.A.E-, U.K. , U.S.A, Zambia, Zimbabwe and others.
  • The programme is FUN, non-competitive, builds self-confidence and a positive self-image and focus on long-term motivation for a HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.


 Why it is important for all children to participate in monkeynastix ?

  • Movement is as natural to children as breathing and almost as essential.
  • The Monkeynastix programme provides children with a myriad of different movement experiences in different contexts in order for them to discover the unlimited possibilities that exist in physical activity.Today's children are not moving nearly as much as we did when we were children.
  • Modem living, easy access to fast food, television and computers all contribute to the fact that children are more passive, generally overweight and in many cases obese.

How are our unique classes presented ?

A qualified instructor will visit a venue once per week to present 30 minute classes consisting of a warm-up, locomotion activities, cardio fitness, speed and agility main activity with specialized equipment and a cool down. to more than 40 000 children in this age group Worldwide.





 Since 1995